Questions that have been asked about the Family History Trees

1. What do I do if and when I have to make corrections to the info?  Just send me a copy and I'll make the changes asap or
Submit Family GroupNew!! New!!
2. Can I send details for living people without the risk of them being shown on this site?
 Yes, just inform me of who should not be shown and I will mark them as "Private".I will then have the details in my files but when I copy to the web the names and details are removed.
3. I found my name on your site can I have it removed?
Yes, see #2
4. How do people see where the info is from?
See the source list on each page. If nothing is listed send me a mail, maybe my file has new details which havn't been uploaded yet.
5. How often are the pages updated.
Irregular - when I have the time. The upload time is about 14hrs on DSL, just for the pages!. If I have to upload new pics even longer. I try to update the tree every month.
6. How do I see if I am related to you? (The site owner)
Look at the Acrobat Reader file "Relations of Kevin Roy Shucksmith "  for a name in your tree.
7. What is "Pegrag Day"?
Answer taken from Lincsgen (Email and names of subscribers hidden)

An old man in my village told me yesterday(2nd week of May 2004) (he's 98) that "Hey, it's pegrag day today Are you off on holiday ?"The reason he asked the question was I was dress up with a hat on When I ask what Peg rag day was ? He replied "May 13th is Pegrag day, the day the farm servant was finished with his employer, he had a weeks holiday in which to renew he contact with the master or move out of his cottage ready for the next move in job" He said the last time he had done this was 1956 so how back wards is Fulstow !!!
Usually written "Pag Rag" day in settlement examinations. The day the servants "packed their rags" and moved on to new situations.