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"Hi Folks,

Found an interesting website by accident today. It would interest anyone who had family members in care at the turn of the century. It doesn't give names, but the casenotes are genuine and may be recognisable to anyone with enough knowledge.

I typed Liverpool into the search bit of the casenotes section and quite a lot of sad little stories came up of children whose parents (usually widowed mothers) couldn't cope. Various local children's homes are mentioned and training ships. Children as young as 12 were sent to the training ships.

One thing which must be said is that the Waifs and Strays or Children's Society as it became, seemed to genuinely have the childrens' welfare at heart and the children were, where possible, reunited with family.

There are also some photos of living conditions and poor children at the time, but they appear to all have been taken in the London area.

Jill" (Lincsgen Mailing List, 2 Oct 2005)